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About De Ruggesteun

De Ruggesteun has been established in Rijswijk since 2007 and we have opened a second practice in 2013 in Ypenburg – The Hague. Chiropractic is a wonderful way to a general feeling of wellness. Either by treating various types of pain and symptoms or by preventing them. Our goal is to welcome you within our practice, to make you feel at home and provide a listening and sympathetic ear.

Team Members
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Our Team

Team member 2

N.J. de Boer

Chiropactor / Owner

Thanks to chiropractic care I’m able to walk again after having a nasty motorcycle accident. Chiropractic has become my calling to help others! I would like to personally welcome you into one of our clinics!

Team Member 8

Dr. Jaco Blaauw DC


I was a professional cyclist and had low back pain and sciatica, partially caused by Spina Bifida. Thanks to the team doctor, who was also a chiropractor, I was able to ride professionally again.

Team member 4

Selena Hoven

Chiropractic Assistant

Since 2016 I have witnessed on a daily basis how the chiropractor helps people improve their life, relieves their pain and leads them to wellness.

Team member 5

Kim van der Heiden

Chiropractic Assistant

I started working at de Ruggesteun in 2016.I don’t have any complaints and I want to keep it that way, so that’s why I get preventively adjusted. Chiropractic is not only for people with complaints or illnesses but also for people who are healthy so they can stay healthy.

Team member 7

Weza Przybyslawska da Silva

Chiropractic Assistant

Here I am highly aware of both my own optimal health and that of the patients. The patients are the main focus here and that’s what it’s all about! I am privileged to be able to work for great and skilled CHIROPRACTORS, and with the most proactive colleagues that help me learn, grow and blossom.

Team member 6

Wendy Serbony Kemp

Chiropractic Assistant

 Since 2018 I work for “The Ruggesteun” with a lot of pleasure. It’s special to experience on a daily basis that my work is lifechanging.

Jane Alakhramsing

Team leader / assistant

Selena Hoven


Dymphy Muller


Chimene Rietvelt


Katja Boers

Team Leader / assistant

Maria Bos


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