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Is your question unanswered or unclear, please do not hesitate to make contact with us.

It is possible that your health care insurance covers the costs of the adjustment but this depends on the insurance and
package you have. Most of the additional insurances packages cover chiropractic.This page provides you with information
about reimbursement for chiropractic care. Would you like to know what your insurance covers for your situation? We recommend
to contact your insurance. They can tell you exactly what they cover for you.

Unfortunately we cannot send your invoice directly to your health care insurance. This has to do with the different types
of insurance, which all cover chiropractic care differently. This is why we ask you to pay at our front desk (cash or card, we prefer
by a bank card). Our assistant will give you an invoice you can send to your insurance or send you a digital one by e-mail after each

No. Your GP does not need to refer you to our practice. You can start the adjustments at your
earliest convenience.

Yes. Do mind to evenly put tension on your body. Sports such as tennis and golf, where one makes same movements, are not adviceable. It is
always advisable to drink water and walk for 5 minutes after an adjustment. Water gets rid of wastes being released and walking helps readjust/ relearn
the pelvis and spine to what the correct posture and movement is. Become aware of and prevent your bad habits from reoccurring.

During the physical examination it is possible that the chiropractor finds an underlining root of your problem(s). Then the chiropractor will ask to make an iDXA body scan for further examination purposes.

Yes. The amount of radiation that is released during the body scan is
very low. This makes the iDXA very safe, even for children (5 years and older).

Of course. Chiropractic takes care of your nerve system, including the nerves supplying the uterus.
When your nerve system is functioning at its best, it can take care of optimal development of your baby.
Certain births can be traumatic to the baby, especially by pulling and twisting of the neck. After delivery it is
strongly recommended that the baby also gets checked for any subluxations as soon as possible, to stimulate
appropriate growth and prevent underdevelopment. Also, chiropractic helps to reduce or prevent pelvis complaints
and low back pain common during and after the pregnancy.

Yes. We are a member of CCA and SNRC. Only chiropractors can be affiliated with these organizations which allows protection to the practice of chiropractic and ensures that you are being adjusted by a chiropractor. Insurances only cover chiropractors that are affiliated to a professional organization.

Do you have an appointment with us but meantime something happened that caused you more pain or would you
prefer us to spend more time on a particular spot? Contact us in advance. We can book you more time on your appointment
so that you can get the attention you need.


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